Norwood Norfolks

Norfolk Terriers bred for show and companionship - updated 3/26/20

  • If you are looking for a Norfolk puppy, we strongly suggest the breeder listing on the Norfolk Terrier Club website (See the Links tab to go directly to this site) We currently do not have any available puppies.


image Over the years, our dogs have provided wonderful companionship and an exciting hobby for us. Although we enjoy our show ring experiences, the major emphasis in our breeding program is to produce healthy dogs with a great temperament. Our puppies are raised in our home and all of our dogs are fed a carefully researched homemade diet composed of human-grade ingredients. Our adults are tested for eye, patella, hip and heart diseases as recommended by the national Norfolk terrier club. Please contact us if you have any questions about our breeding program, Norfolk terriers or canine nutrition.

Sandra and Dave

AKC Breeder of Merit